Christ King Catholic School Council Annual General Meeting September 11, 2017

Call to order at 7:07pm

Attendance: Jaclyn Armstrong, Maria Foot, Alexis Carlson, Brad LeMaistre, Alisa Glaiser, Michelle Wyness, Teresa Bosomworth, Ashley Grimes, Amanda Litvak, Miranda Cowan

Executive Nominations:

Chair: Alexis Carlson

Vice Chair: Michelle Wyness

Secretary: Maria Foot

Treasurer: Alisa Glaiser


Signing Authorities: Stays the same as Last year

Meeting Dates and Times: Every 2nd Monday at 7pm

Council Goals: Face to Face (Faith), 1 Physical Activity, 1 Art Program

Project Leaders:

Hot lunch: Louis

Chocolates: Alisa Glaiser

Terry Fox Run:

Lunch Cupboard: Staff are taking care of it

Special Grants: Amanda Litvak

Scholastic Book Fair: Alisa Glaiser

Catholic Education Sunday and Advent Concert Social: Send a note home with students

Room Reps:


Grade 1-

Grade 2-

Grade 3-

Grade 4-

Christ King Catholic School Council

Annual General Meeting September 11, 2017

Grade 5/6-

Grade 7/8-

Grade 9-

Milk Program: School taking over

School Dance: Michelle Wyness

Garage Sales: Teresa Bosomworth and Maria Foot

Staff Appreciation and Christmas gifts: Send note out with students


Meeting called to order at: 7:05pm

In Attendance

Jaclyn Armstrong, Maria Foot, Teresa Bosomworth, Alexis Carlson, Brad LeMaistre, Alisa Glasier, Ashley Grimes, Raelene Sobchyshyn, Michelle Wyness, Amanda Litvak, Miranda Cowan


Michelle moved acceptance of agenda. Teresa seconded. Carried






Chair: Alexis Carlson



Board of Trustee: Duane Austin




Principal: Brad LeMaistre

Parking lot finished, stairs done as well

Breakfast Club Grant: $140,00- To be dispersed. Incorporated milk program for 3 of the 5 days for free, snack cupboard and hot lunch also can be included under the grant. Once a month will be a big hot breakfast.

Corp Sponsor to help with Hot Lunch program


Teacher: Jaclyn Armstrong

Faith Friend activity was held on Friday

Created house teams (10kids/group), combined faith friends into groups

3 Goals: Face to Face (Faith), Alberta Opera or Canadian School Presenters (Art), Dance Play (Physical)


Alisa motions $5 per kid for swim/skiing subsidy and up to $300 for year-end movie/swimming. Raelene seconds. Carried.


Treasurer: Alisa Glaiser

Account at: $9,967.71

Chocolate money still needs to come out

Michelle moves to accept the Treasurer report. Teresa Seconds. Carried





Hot Lunch: Free hot lunch, Taco in a Bag

Christmas Bazar: Teresa is organizing it this year


Old Business

Garage Sale: Teresa and Maria are organizing it this year. It made $1,432.63 last year

New Business

Chocolates: Coming Oct 3rd

Book Fair: Monday September 18th-28th

Terry Fox: Happening this month

Family Dance: November 2nd

Catholic Education Sunday: Unknown

School Pics: Unknown


Next Meeting

Adjourned till October 16th, 2017


Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m. with prayer