School News

Chargers take CARA Championship!

Over the weekend, the Chargers competed in the annual CARA League Tournament. 

The Girls team went undefeated throughout the round-robin and playoff rounds of the tournament and lost a close match in the consolation final to finish second. This is the farthest that a Girls Chargers team has ever made it in the CARA tournament, setting a new school record!

The Boys team went undefeated all season and came into the CARA tournament seeded first. They lived up to their ranking, going undefeated through round robin play and continuing the winning streak through playoffs. The Boys Chargers defeated Gus Wetter in the semi-finals and moved on to play Coronation in the final match. Chargers won the first set 25-2 and Coronation came back in the second, but could still not defeat the Chargers.

The Boys team won the first ever CARA Championship for Christ King Catholic School and are moving on to represent the CARA League at the 1J Boys CWAJHAA Tournament in Lacombe on November 18th.